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Carolyn's Mission

Carolyn Gwinn, Ph.D., draws upon literacy specific experiences at the school, district, university, and state levels to design and deliver diamond quality, remote and face-to-face professional development. Previous opportunities as a classroom teacher, Reading Recovery® teacher, an instructional coach, a district-level literacy curriculum and instruction specialist, a lecturer and adjunct professor, and expanded service to the State of Minnesota, inform her efforts. Nationally, Carolyn is a well-regarded speaker and author.

"My goal is to enhance literacy teaching and learning for all students, teachers, administrators and parents through the delivery of customized professional development, to include guided reading, in urban, suburban, and rural settings."

Carolyn Gwinn, Ph.D., Educational Consultant and Author

Carolyn's Passion

—  Name, Title

—  Name, Title

Educator Extraordinaire

"In all ways possible, Carolyn Gwinn is an exceptional educator. Her extensive professional study and in-depth knowledge of literacy development and the high quality instruction all children deserve and need, make her an indispensable guide to the art and science of teaching reading. And while her instructional expertise is outstanding, so, too, is her kind and loving heart. She is an educator extraordinaire beloved by all those fortunate to work with her— students, families, and fellow teachers, new and veteran alike.”
Lois Bridges, Ph.D. Executive Director,
Bring Me A Book



“Carolyn Gwinn delivered a flawless professional development. As a first-year teacher during COVID, I now have this plethora of information in my teacher tool belt. I am confident I will be a more effective teacher because of this learning experience!


 Zach Mikel, 6 Grade Inclusion, IN

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