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“Dr. Carolyn Gwinn masterfully communicates with deep insight and accurate information, combining to perfection the expertise of a Reading Recovery® teacher, the depth of a university lecturer and adjunct professor, and the heart of an impassioned teacher. By seamlessly weaving both theory and practice into her training sessions, Carolyn ensures that teachers clearly understand why and how to teach powerful, targeted guided reading lessons. Her talent, knowledge and heart for students are absolutely ‘off the charts!’ “  


Jan Richardson, Ph.D.; Educational Consultant and Author

Alicia Vosburgh, Principal from North Carolina

Mike Springer, Assistant Superintendent from Illinois

Kelly Gallardo, 3rd Grade Teacher from Minnesota

What Others Say

“Carolyn Gwinn delivered a flawless professional development. As a first-year teacher during COVID, I now have this plethora of information in my teacher tool belt. I am confident I will be a more effective teacher because of this learning experience!” 

Zach Mikel

6th Grade Inclusion, IN

"Being part of Carolyn Gwinn’s training has made me a better reading and writing teacher. I am more intentional about my teaching. I analyze student data and create a specific plan to help my learners effectively read and write.  Carolyn helped me understand concepts that once were challenging. In order for me to grow, I needed to step out of my comfort zone and Carolyn was patient and deliberate in her instruction. This has been one of the best trainings I’ve had in my nineteen years of teaching. I only wish I had been given the opportunity to take it sooner."

Amparo Samaniego

Kindergarten Teacher, CA

“Carolyn is a dynamic presenter. She deepens understanding in the ‘how-to’ of growing and supporting readers. She incorporates research into practice. This training helps us maximize the potential for every child in our district.”

Tina Pletan

Elementary Literacy Coordinator, ND


"Dr. Carolyn Gwinn has worked with our district for the last several years. Each session, Dr. Gwinn is able to provide timely and relevant PD that is focused around the current needs of our district.  She is able to quickly establish a great rapport with the staff  while also demonstrating her high level of expertise with the content.  Very rarely do you find a person who has the depth of knowledge that she can provide, while also being so down to earth, approachable, and interested to learn from those in attendance.  When our teachers leave a PD with Dr. Gwinn they are leaving with a fire she has ignited, and one that will continue to burn long after the training has ended." 

Jeremy Shireman, Ed. D.

Principal, IN 

“Best professional development I have been a part of to date. Carolyn was able to teach to all grade levels in an in-depth manner.”

Noah VanVoorhis

Grade 4 Teacher, ND


"Our school is a special place with a beautiful diverse student body, many students from all over the world. Although we are a high poverty school, we are also high performing. Dr. Gwinn feeds us what we need to keep improving.  We know from her instruction what we are doing well and have a plan on what we need to do next.  This year, she helped us focus on the data and what it tells us students need.  She motivates us and our students to achieve even more.  We are grateful for Dr. Gwinn and her part in our school's success."

Laura White Morris

Principal, IN


“Absolutely wonderful! This is the most practical, useful, inspirational professional development I have ever attended. Thank you so much. It will change my teaching.”

Betsy Siedentop

Special Education Teacher, IL


“It is with tremendous gratitude and the utmost respect, I whole-heartedly recommend working with Dr. Carolyn Gwinn for high-quality, sustainable professional development focused on Guided Reading practices that work.”

Katy Giovanisci, Ph.D.

Curriculum Supervisor, PA

"Carolyn Gwinn is an exceptional literacy consultant and presenter. She personalizes her work through high-levels of collaboration and planning prior to and during training. She has an extremely positive straight-forward style always focused on what is best for children. Our teachers are stronger Guided Reading teachers because of the skills and knowledge Carolyn provides."

Sandra Kovatch

Director of Teaching and Learning, WI

“Across school years, Carolyn has worked with the staff by offering tailored professional development, based on our needs, to include modeled lessons with discussion and then Carolyn observing teachers and offering feedback. These learning opportunities have had an astounding impact on staff, empowering them to become better reading teachers. Carolyn has joined our school family. She genuinely cares about our staff and students. This is not a job for Carolyn, but a passion, and that’s how she presents herself. Because of Carolyn, our teachers are stronger reading teachers, and our students are stronger readers!”

Robin Estep

Principal, IL


“This being my third time taking a class and learning from you, I could not be more grateful for the information, thoughtfulness, and sunshine that you have poured into me! Each year I have grown so much as a facilitator of children’s learning. Thank you for sharing your vast knowledge! I look forward to time together again!”

Aly Weigel

Kindergarten Teacher, ND

“Carolyn – this training was invigorating and directional. Watching you deliver explicit instruction with students was very powerful. The professional development resonated with me to such a point that eventually I would love to inspire teachers, as you inspired me! You truly have changed my trajectory because of the gift you have!”

Alicia Long

Grade 2 Teacher, NY


"Carolyn's passion for student achievement inspired me to strive for the best I know my students are capable of.  Carolyn helped us to organize our learner's assessment data, establish groups based on learner needs, and effectively implement reading strategies that will lead to an increase in learner achievement."

Harlan "Wes" Fraker

“Carolyn – The professional learning you offered to the team was invaluable. It was so wonderful to see how you pushed our thinking and challenged each of us, while respecting what we brought to the table. I usually ask myself a few questions when reflecting on effective professional learning: Was it connected to our practice? Did it build collaboration? Does it focus on student learning? Is it aligned to our professional learning goals? Of course, the experience with you clearly met each of these criteria.” 

Jimi Cannon

Director of Professional Learning Development, Scholastic Education, LA


“Of all the professional development, we’ve done in my time at this school district, I would rank this as the most impactful. We were given everything we needed to succeed. Carolyn treats us with respect. I can see the growth I’ve made this year and have a vision for next year!”

Teresa Sooley

Grade 1 Teacher, IL


“Carolyn, you inspire and empower all teachers to provide the highest quality learning experiences for our students. I am walking away with increased knowledge, skill, dedication, and passion!”

Christine Job

Instructional Coach, ND


“Carolyn has a unique skill set that allows her to unite staff toward a common mission. She knows what solid instruction looks like and has the coaching ability needed to support staff. Carolyn has the vision, knowledge and experience to support instructional practices and propel student learning forward.”

Missy Monson

Principal, MN


“It was a great honor having you back. You are always so refreshing and you give us more confidence every time we meet. I absolutely love teaching Guided Reading because of you!”

Kenda Crane

Grade 1 Teacher, ND


“You are one of those rare gifts in education, a born teacher. You and I have both seen them – they have the 'X' factor. You are doubly blessed. I’m glad you decided to use your skills to teach the rest of us.”

Tricia Christopher

Leadership & Learning Consultant in Literacy, IA


“To watch Carolyn model a small group lesson is magical! Students walk away feeling self-assured, knowing the work they did will help them soar as independent readers.”

Deb Klootwyk 

Instructional Coach, ND


“Dr. Gwinn is a compelling speaker and a master facilitator who is able to lead teachers to higher levels of knowledge and increased instructional effectiveness. Through modeling, demonstration, and interactive exercises, Carolyn provides hands-on examples for use in classrooms. She offers guidelines for the close examination of student work that builds teacher capacity to quickly and directly impact student learning. Teachers feel their time has been used wisely, their expertise has been honored, and questions and concerns have been met with targeted, timely responses.”

Susan Watts-Taffe, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Literacy Education, OH


“I was excited to attend an entire day dedicated to struggling readers. This was very worthwhile and this will help me to support my special education teachers.”

Carrie Hill

Director of Special Services, IL


“Through teaching and modeling, Carolyn shares exactly what it looks and sounds like to provide students with the confidence and skills needed to be successful learners. You will leave equipped with skills that are grounded in practice and research, to engage more deeply with students and meet them at their learning sweet spot. She never disappoints!”

Julie Frank

Elementary Instructional Strategist, ND


“Carolyn – Thank you for your detailed and thorough delving into the Next Step Guided Reading Assessment resources. It’s very powerful when modeling with students. This was a fabulous professional development from someone who delivers professional development all the time!”

Linda Limbach

Literacy Specialist, Scholastic Education, LA


“This training was very rich in strategies that can be used immediately with students. I look forward to implementing it with striving learners. All the handouts and web resources will help so much with being prepared to hit the ground running. Thanks so much!”

Trisha VanVoorhis

Elementary Speech & Language Pathologist, ND


“You have mentored me as a coach like no one else has. I feel confident, ready and able to take the next step as a coach moving forward. You have made my job here meaningful and focused for the upcoming year. Thank you!”

Lisa Swartwood

Literacy Coach/Reading Specialist, PA


“Carolyn, our time together was focused and practical. I learned more than I fathomed. I’ve learned more about how to use my data to plan lessons to help specific students grow and the circle where reflection on that data leads me back to better planning specific to students’ needs. I also was given insight into the fun of reading.”

Gina Griffin

Reading Specialist, ND


“The guidance and support Carolyn provided were practical and inspirational. She motivated me to evaluate what kind of teacher I want to be. I appreciate the passion and vision she has for the work she does and the belief she has in the upcoming generation.”

Sharon Lee

Grade 2 Teacher, IL


“Dr. Gwinn, Excellent professional development! Loved that you often cited purpose of why we do this work. Loved that you asked for data from our kids and showed us real life planning and instruction up close! You honored us as learners. You are a positive person and your passion for children and reading is immersed in your instruction.”

Susan Growe

Interventionist, IN


“Carolyn’s genuine belief in our children and her passion for doing right by them exudes from her. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Melissa Cournia

High School Reading Strategist, ND


"Dr. Gwinn came to the Lower Merion School District for a professional development with our primary teachers. The teachers and administrators were so impressed with her knowledge and professionalism that we continued to work with her. Dr. Gwinn visited our schools to deliver presentations and conduct demonstration lessons. Her passion and expertise in reading came through in each visit. She is an excellent organizer, customizing professional development based on district data and needs. Most importantly, Dr. Gwinn was always available for questions long after her visit. Through her guidance, our primary teachers and reading specialists developed a deeper understanding of how to use data to inform instruction and the components of guided reading. Dr. Gwinn couldn’t have been a more experienced and resourceful consultant."

Lorraine De Rosa, Ed.D.
Elementary Supervisor of Literacy and Federal Programs Coordinator, PA

“It has been my privilege to know Carolyn for more than 17 years. In that time, I have worked with her in a wide variety of capacities. Regardless of the task at hand, I have always known Dr. Gwinn to bring her passion for learners, thoughtful leadership style, along with her warm and caring disposition to the given opportunity. In all settings, I have observed Dr. Gwinn deftly work with state-wide professional organizations, political leaders, school district administrators, classroom teachers, and community supporters. Without exception, Dr. Gwinn builds and maintains trust, respect, comity, and sense of purpose. She is a leader among leaders. Whether it is working on a committee to develop a state-wide literacy plan, providing reading intervention to learners, facilitating professional development to teachers, or introducing the principles of balanced literacy to administrators, Carolyn leads with passion and purpose. She has established a plan with me that has not only met the needs of teachers, but exceeded my expectations. Even seasoned veteran teachers have repeatedly reported to me that Carolyn’s sessions have been the best professional development of their career.”

Kari D. Ross

Director of Teaching and Learning, St. Louis Park School District, MN


“Over the past several years, I have had the pleasure of serving with Carolyn on a variety of committees and professional organizations and speaking with her at various events and conferences. These collaborative ventures have provided me insight into the strength of her character, intellect and work ethic. Carolyn is highly organized, well-prepared, knowledgeable and skilled at working with adult learners. Carolyn sets a standard of performance that is unmatched. She delivers on every promise in a timely, efficient and detailed way. Carolyn’s commitment to the process is clear and consistent from the very beginning; I see evidence of how her tireless efforts deeply impact the success of an initiative. Over time and under pressure, she emerged as a distinguished and tested leader. Carolyn has served the University of Minnesota, Bethel University, Anoka-Hennepin School District and the state of Minnesota with integrity, charisma, and dedication. Her many contributions have undoubtedly impacted, and continue to impact, the lives of countless students, teachers and leadership teams. It is an honor to know and work with Carolyn as an accomplished teacher, diligent researcher, and distinguished writer.”

Teresa A. Christenson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, School of Education, MN

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